A Generation of Meta Neutrals NFT collection is now available for attendees of FinTech Blk Fest 2021.

The BackStory

Intergalactic Meta Neutrals have come of age and unlike previous generations, they are bored with simply observing worlds from the depths of inter-dimensional shadows.  They broke protocol and interfered with a developing planet. Now on the run from the hunters, they search the universe for a new home to build their legacy. 

Attracted by frequencies and vibrations from Worlds they observed through their “mind eye,” they are at the beginning of a journey that will last for eons. 

A Generation of Meta Neutrals is a collection of 9,000 unique and complex characters. Characters that evolve over time, you will have the opportunity to become a  trusted friend and ally and experience the journey with them. 

PUBLIC Release coming soon

Stay Tuned for the official public release and announcement of Generation of Neutrals NFTs.  If you are able to secure one of these NFTs, you will be considered a special ally. With that comes benefits. They will share with you stories and secrets of the universe as they run from the hunters and look for their new home.  Make sure you subscribe below to get an early warning notification when the collection is available to the public. 



Step 1: Eligibility

FinTech BLK 2021 attendees are eligible to receive the complimentary “A Generation of Watchers” NFT if:

a. You registered for the event with an official school id before 11/18/2021

b. Purchased an NFT ticket package

c. Was an Event Presenter 

Step 2: Install MetaMask wallet

To receive your NFT, you will need a MetaMask wallet for us to airdrop the NFT directly to you.

If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet, first watch the video by clicking on the button below.  

Download and install the  MetaMask Wallet for your browser or mobile app and/or go to Step 3.


Click on the button below to go to Kryptosign to connect your MetaMask wallet and sign your name.

Once connected and signed, we will alert you via email and/or SMS text when the NFT is airdropped to your wallet.


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